July 3, 2016

About us

Complete Security Self Storage Wangaratta is owned and operated by Barry and Judith McAuliffe. Day to day management of the facility is handled by the professional team at Garry Nash and co. Real Estate Agents.

The facility is located at 1 Sinclair Drive, Wangaratta.  We encourage you to drive past and view the facility, or you can look at some photos on the Home page of this website.

Barry (Bazza) and Judy have more than 35 years experience in the furniture storage and removal business and have received many awards over many years including the prestigious Wangaratta Business Award in the “Service” category.

Selection criteria for that award included:

  • Presentation,
  • Courtesy,
  • Customer service,
  • Public image, and
  • Merchandise.

Barry and Judy take pride in the quality of storage modules and presentation offered by Complete Security Self Storage. Having been members of the Australian Furniture Removalists Association for over 30 years, and as members of the Self Storage Association of Australia, they understand the importance of high-quality, secure, and well managed facilities. Complete Security Self Storage will ensure that your precious goods are safeguarded through:

  • State of the art surveillance technology,
  • Each unit individually alarmed to a control centre 24 hours per day,
  • All units are ground level and cement floored with double steel sheeting between the modules and with full roof insulation to help moderate temperature changes,
  • The complex has four entry gates for easy access,
  • Access to the site is via automatic gates with 24 hour access monitoring,
  • The entire site is concrete sealed with underground drainage that has shown to handle even the most torrential of storms,
  • Every storage module has a remote rollerdoor for “no lift” access,
  • All units are regularly fumigated for insects and are rodent controlled,
  • Many modules accessed under roof cover,
  • The entire facility is fully lit during night-time hours,
  • The facility is professionally managed in Wangaratta ensuring ease of access and professional service and accounts.
Below is the general layout of the facility. For details on availability, please contact the managing agent. Contact details are at the bottom of the Home page.

For module sizing details and prices, see the "Module sizes and pricing" tab at right.
Prices are current to 30 December 2016.
3m x 10m x 2.8m$381.00 per month
3m x 5m x 2.8m$238.00 per month
3m x 7m x 2.8m$333.00 per month
3m x 3.3m x 2.8m$166.00 per month
3m x 3m x 2.8m$143.00 per month
3m x 5m x 2.8m$215.00 per month
3m x 10m x 2.8m module
3m x 3m x 2.8m module
We occasionally offer special deals.  Check the Deals page to see what's on offer right now.
Complete Security Self Storage offers a secure way to gain access to your storage module. The procedure is as follows:
    • Open box at gate and enter your unique code (provided at contract signing).
    • Press ENTER (your unit number will then appear on screen).
    • Press OFF (which turns your module alarm off, turns the light in the module on, and releases the lock on your "key" box).
    • Press ENTER (which then opens the main gate to the facility)
    • Go to the key centre and open your allocated box. Take your key out and push the button to open the roller door to your storage module. Close the key box door.
    • Proceed to your now open storage module.
  • When you have finished at your module:
  • Press the button on your electronic key.
  • Return the electronic key to your allocated key box. Then close the key box door.
  • Return to entry gate and enter your unique code.
  • Press ENTER (your unit number will then appear on screen).
  • Press ON (which turns your module alarm on and makes it secure).
  • Press ENTER (which then opens the main gate to the facility so you can exit).
  • Open box at gate and enter your unique code (provided at contract signing).
  • The gate will automatically shut behind you after a short delay.
How much space do you need? As members of the Self Storage Association, Complete Security Self Storage is able to offer you this simple estimator. Our experience suggests that it generally gives a very good estimate of individual storage needs.
You can find Complete Security Self Storage at 1 Sinclair Drive Wangaratta. Map location: